Igniting Curiosity To You

With Curiosity Comes Connection and Learning

Children are naturally curious. They are driven to explore and experiment. As parents and teachers, we are often simply guiding that innate curiosity to something of significant value for that child.

But what do you do when that natural curiosity is seemingly clouded by or derailed by severely challenging behaviors?

What if a child is developing autism and the motivation or spark to be curious and connected with others is seemingly not available?

At C2U, we guide parents and professionals how to bring back curiosity to you as a child’s guide, to incite, and to ignite curiosity in children with disabilities to what you are trying to teach.

Use the links below to learn more and gain essential tips for how to target curiosity both in yourself and with children of all ages and all abilities.

Barbara Avila and Kristie Pretti-Frontczak share the belief that through respect and connection, all children can become curious and learn optimally. Both Barbara and Kristie own their own companies and have come together to share the information here on this site. Listen in to each of their podcasts for insight and information to use today!