Go silent, kind, and firm


Imagine a time when you felt like screaming… or actually did!

It was likely a moment you are not proud of…but at the time…you were “flooded” with emotion. 

Children are the same…but even less able to resist the urge to scream!

Quick tip: Guide your child to use words or pictures to indicate when they are done, rather than ending an activity by screaming. You can also practice getting excited about something and using “hooray!” with hand clapping or exaggerated facial expressions instead of screaming. This all said, be ready to meet the overzealous child who continues to scream despite your kind attempts by staying kind, yet firm. Practice is key to longer term understanding and success.

When you do find yourself with a screaming child, aim to reduce your words or become completely silent. Turn the lights low, and bring calm to the space around you and your child.

Once the flooding has started to recede, offer alternatives behaviors when they have strong emotions. Offer other ways to explore voice control. 

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