Four weeks to a peaceful classroom!

Biters, Screamers, and Hitters…Oh My!

It’s the start of a new school year, and excitement is high. You’ve spent hours upon hours making sure everything is ready.

Yet, just a few weeks into the new school year, you find yourself saying, “My room is a zoo!” And feeling like you spend more time dealing with behaviors in your classroom than teaching!

You are struggling. You don’t feel have the tools needed to deal with the very challenging behaviors in your classroom.

You aren’t sure where to turn.

It seems like everyone else has it figured out. But not you, not your class, not this year.

Why can’t you have a peaceful and joyful class?

You’ve attended every single conference on classroom management and challenging behaviors. You’ve gone online seeking answers. You’ve even resorted to revisiting your textbook from college: Classroom and Behavior Management 101.

Nothing seems to be working…your classroom is feeling more chaotic with each passing hour.

You know something needs to change. You know things need to be different. You want to shake the feeling that you might not survive the year!

Well, what if things could be different?

What if there were practical ways to actually calm the chaos? Ways to stop feeling like you are not enough – and start connecting with children in ways that ensure they thrive not only in your classroom but in life.

But can things really be different?

With over 50 years of combined experience working with classroom teachers just like you, we can tell you that the answer is YES!

There is a different path to decreasing challenging behaviors and calms the chaos in your classroom.

Yes, it is possible for teachers to create peaceful, joyful, and engaged learning environments for all children.

Yes, it is possible for teachers to foster children’s curiosity about the world and friendships with those around them.

Yes, it is possible for all children to thrive in school and in life.

What is needed?

A different approach to dealing with challenging behaviors!

An approach that allows you to teach not manage, to support not punish, and to generate curiosity not compliance.

Interested? Curious?

If your answer is YES…then we invite you to enroll in our “Calming the Chaos” classroom series. This four week series gives you practical strategies you will put into action immediately.

Over the course of one month, we’ll explore simple but powerful ways to deal with severe challenging behaviors like screaming and biting.

Learn more about the series from co-creator Barbara Avila.

By registering, you are saying, “Yes, I’m ready for things to be different!”

The cost of our 4 week series is $14.97 and includes four tip sheets (PDFs) that outline step-by-step, how to calm even the most chaotic classroom by addressing the most severe behaviors.

Each tip sheet is delivered right to your email inbox.

Once you download the tip sheet, you can then expect a follow up message or two from us to help you stay focused and motivated on the goal of calming the chaos in your classroom.

Learn more about the tip sheets from co-creator Kristie Pretti-Frontczak.

Even if you aren’t yet convinced there can be peace, we encourage you to download the two free tip sheets by signing up below.

Then register so you can receive 4 MORE tip sheets (one per week).

In all, you’ll receive six tip sheets during the “Calming the Chaos” classroom series.

The tip sheets address the challenging behaviors of biting, screaming, when children refuse and drop to the floor, when they are impulsive, and even when they swear.

Start calming the chaos right now! Register now! Create peace today!

yesP.S. Know someone who would love clam the chaos in their classroom? We invite you to gift the series to a colleague, a staff member, or if you are a parent, to your child’s teacher. At check-out, mark the item as a gift, enter the person’s name and email in the customer note, and we’ll take care of the rest.

P.P.S. Watch this brief FaceBook live video to learn more about the series.

About Us

Curiosity to You™ is a true labor of love and collaboration. We bring to you the basic ingredients for peaceful classrooms and homes using the vital C’s: Connection, Curiosity, and Confidence. We believe that you can have these in your homes and classrooms with specific guidance and understanding. We provide you with the tools and techniques to be successful in connecting and engaging learners.

Barbara has over 30 years of experience in teaching and consulting. She is passionate about exceeding your expectations for connecting and including all children, specializing in autism spectrum disorders. For more information about Barbara, visit her business website:

Kristie has over nearly 25 years of experience in professional development and consulting. She is passionate about exceeding your expectations for ensuring calmer, more successful classroom environments. For more information about Kristie, visit her business website: