Stop chasing and start leading

Does your child’s impulsivity get your blood boiling?

Children who “act impulsively” may actually be responding to feeling scattered or reacting to a chaotic environment. This means in order to help them “calm down”, we need to start by considering our own actions and responses.

How focused are you? Are you able to calm your own nerves so you guide your child to calm theirs?

Remember, your child needs practice (with you leading them) to get, shift, and even keep their attention. Your child needs your help to stop, think, and then act. Shouting to a child to “calm down” or giving idle threats will have little to no effect.

Quick tip: If your home or space is cluttered, your child’s action may be a direct response. Consider reducing items in your home to the essentials or just a few favorites. You can always switch them out…but having them all out at once can cause children to response impulsively.

This tip should help you turn impulsivity into sustained attention…and you can stop chasing your child and start leading.

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